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IMS 2018-23 Strategic Plan

We are currently celebrating our 9th year as a Charter School!  

During last year, our 'Year of Perspective,' we looked back and appreciated all we've accomplished thus far, but also looked forward and dreamed! The board and staff have been doing this formally by way of updating our five-year Strategic Plan. For those of you unfamiliar with this delightful planning process, we dream, and dream big, but then we get specific and put pencil to paper to see what’s feasible. This plan will guide what becomes of Island Montessori in the coming years!

The Process
This Strategic Plan was informed by the focus groups held by our staff and each level and team of teachers, including the specials department, EC department, and the Administrative staff. Based on the feedback we received, the draft process centered around two primary questions, “What do we need to be excellent?” and “What do we need to be uniquely better?” We identified desired outcomes as pillars of the plan. As committees, we were tasked with establishing milestones and strategies around each outcome to draft recommendations and goals. Brian and Melinda, conducted out of school observations in a variety of Montessori schools in Nebraska to inform their committee and articulate new ideas. Lara connected with the Montessori Public Sector through a conference in Oregon and utilized her work in Montessori Coaching to inform the academic subcommittee. The subcommittees submitted their work to the planning team for group edits and revision, and the final plan was submitted to the Board of Directors for final approval during the January 2018 retreat.

Collection of Feedback and Commentary
Following the Board’s review, the IMCS teachers and staff received a draft of the plan- and met as a team with the Instructional Coordinator to provide feedback. Parents were provided a draft for reference initially through the academic newsletter, and the board academic liaison received comments from our families. We also created a focus group of parents for a round table discussion of the draft. Patti Barshay, our Montessori consultant, was provided a draft and consulted with the instructional coordinator for feedback. A UNCW partnering professor and our FSA, also received a draft for the same purposes. Following the input from these various constituencies and educators, we finalized this Strategic Plan.

Parents, please email your comments, questions, concerns about the draft of the Strategic Plan to Melinda Cummings ( Thank you.

Make a Donation!

We'd very much appreciate your help in reviewing and providing feedback on our full

2018-23 Strategic Plan

At 41 pages, it offers an in-depth perspective of our plans and aspirations. If you like to get into the details, this is the doc for you.

However, we've also prepared a couple of briefer summary documents:

Strategic Plan Parent Presentation

A nine-page PDF in slideshow format

Academic Strategic Plan Summary

A two-page text summary 

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