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Tuition Assistance

After several years of dreaming and planning, Island Montessori Preschool is proud to announce the launch of our Tuition Assistance Program.

Although all families are expected to contribute toward their tuition, Island Montessori School does offer tuition assistance based on financial need for families that qualify. Families interested in applying for tuition assistance will need to complete an online application with FAST-ISM 

(note, this is in addition to our regular admissions application)

All information from FAST remains confidential and is reviewed by the IMS Tuition Assistance Committee. You must apply for financial aid each year, using the online FAST application. After applying, you will mail or upload tax documents to FAST for income verification purposes. Please be aware that the online tuition assistance application needs to be completed by the application deadlines below.



A few notes regarding the FAST online application:

The non-refundable application fee is $53, payable by Visa, MasterCard, or American Express. (Discover card is not accepted). The application fee will be billed to your credit card under the name of “Independent School Management (ISM)”, the company which provides the FAST application service. On the application, please use your name as it appears on your tax return. The online application process is self-guided (see FAST's instructions and FAQ/help center). You can partially complete an application and go back to it another time if you don’t want to complete the application in one sitting. If you have any questions about the FAST application process, please call the FAST Call Center at 1-877-326-FAST (3278), open 24/7. After completing the application, please scan and upload you tax documents directly to FAST or mail them to: 


FAST Processing

1316 N. Union St.

Wilmington, DE 19806

Please do not send any originals, and do not fax or email the tax information.

GUIDELINES (dates are for the 2024-25 school year):

  • Awards are made for one year only. Families who desire to continue to receive aid must apply annually.

  • The application deadline is June 3rd

  • All applications must be complete and Students must have submitted the Enrollment form and Non-Refundable Application fee.  Additionally, parents are required to complete and submit tax returns to IMS FAST upon filing. Applications that do not have all items submitted by the deadline will not be considered for award

  • Award notifications will go out June 21st

  • Contracts and tuition deposits from new families are due on June 27th  

  • IMS FAST inputs the information on the returns and adjusts the application data as necessary

  • The school will deny tuition assistance awards to families who do not provide their tax returns

  • Awards must not subsidize discretionary expenses such as those related to a business venture or lifestyle

  • Awards should not subsidize a choice not to work by a parent without dependents at home during the school day

  • In those cases when parents are not living together, the resources of the non-custodial parent WILL be considered in establishing the family’s level of need, as well as the resources of the custodial parent

  • In rare instance, special circumstances may necessitate an exception to the Tuition Assistance Policy (i.e. death of a parent). Exceptions will be presented to the Tuition Assistance Committee. If the Committee deems the exception worthy, the exception will be presented to the full board for vote and approval

  • All financial information and awards are kept strictly confidential

  • Children of board members or children of relatives of board members are ineligible as well as those of teachers & staff

  • A checklist will accompany each determination showing why the child succeeded or failed to be offered a scholarship

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