Offering individualizied social, emotional, physical and academic development based on the needs of each child. 

Accepting Applications for the 2021-2022 School Year!

Openings for Full Time/Half Time

Ages 3, 4, and young 5 year olds

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At Island Montessori Children’s School we know that choosing an educational program for your child is the most important decision you will make in these young formative years. For over one hundred years Montessori education has proved to be the best approach in nurturing the social, emotional, intellectual and academic growth in children. As educators, we recognize each child as an individual waiting to blossom and do great things! At Island Montessori Children’s School, the teacher observes and recognizes what ignites your child’s passions and guides him into purposeful work and discovery in all areas of life. Therefore, Montessori is not only a means of education but rather an aid to life!

Carrie O’Brien Dworshak, Children's House Director


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Dr. Montessori believed that a child’s full potential – physical, intellectual, and emotional – can be reached only if the child is given the opportunity to develop through the exploration of the environment. The Montessori Method of education is a unique approach to learning. Rather than “teaching” concepts, the environment is designed to stimulate the child's interests and learning capacities spontaneously. 

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Meet Our Teachers

Ms. Samara
TA: Ms. Rakiya
Ms. Sally
TA: Ms. Sydney
Ms. Avery
TA: Ms. Jen

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