Our Lunch program is on hold for the 2021 school year.

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The Philosophy Behind our Lunch Program

The health of our students is of the utmost importance and our lunch choices are a first step to teaching our children the benefits of creating healthy eating habits and how that translates to better quality of life. Children flourish in an environment where all their needs are met: physical, mental and emotional. To support their physical health, which in turn can positively affect their attention and learning, it is essential to serve nutritious, wholesome foods. These foods provide kids with the energy needed to tackle the challenges of each day.


While maintaining a balanced diet may sound complex, it is actually simple and intuitive. Our optional lunch program aims to incorporate all of the food groups in responsible ways.

  • Source seasonal produce fresh from the farm

  • Serve breads and cereals made with whole—rather than refined—grains

  • Incorporate organic dairy products—milk, cheese and yogurt

  • Eat moderate portions of lean, antibiotic- and hormone-free eggs, poultry and beef

  • Add healthy doses of protein and fiber-rich beans and legumes

  • Use good, unhydrogenated oils such as olive oil 

  • Remove sweet snacks and sugary drinks. Eliminate all products containing high-fructose corn syrup and added sugars.

A healthy school food program is more than simply nutritious, and it certainly isn’t one-size-fits- all. It is sensitive and respectful of its students by incorporating ethnic foods, vegetarian and vegan foods, removing artificial ingredients and preservatives.


By reading and understanding food labels, we can eliminate preservatives, trans fats, artificial sweeteners and flavorings in our children’s food. Cheap, pervasive additives like caffeine, high- fructose corn syrup and sugar stimulate our children in unhealthy, unproductive ways. High- fructose corn syrup is found in unexpected places—not only in soft drinks, but also jams, baked goods and condiments such ketchup. MonoSodium Glutamate (MSG) and nitrates flavor and preserve foods, masking innate integrities and adding toxic chemicals that bodies struggle to process. Our healthy school food program banishes these ingredients—and children are all the better for it.


On hold for 2020-21 School Year

2020-21 Weekly Menu

Our lunch program is currently on pause for students that do not qualify for free/reduced lunch.

We hope to offer this program again soon!