Each year Island Montessori School chooses a theme that guides the spirit of our year.

2019-20 is the Year of Mindfulness

2017-18 is the Year of Grace and Courtesy

Many refer to the Grace and Courtesy lessons in a Montessori classroom as the “invisible curriculum.” There is no physical material on the shelf to remind children of their importance, but they are not forgotten. It is more than saying “Please” and “Thank you.” Grace and Courtesy lessons empower children to be responsible, self-aware and independent. They also equip children with much needed tools so they know what to say or do in difficult situations. The Peace First Curriculum is founded on these same principles- finding necessity in teaching skills that help children engage with others to make a positive and lasting change. Learn more about the Year of Grace & Courtesy.


2016-17 was the Year of Going Out

Going out and experiencing the world outside the classroom is a pillar of Montessori education. This year we bought 2 buses and took our students on over 160 field trips.


2019-20 is the Year of Mindfulness

2018-19 was the Year of the Teacher


2017-18 was the Year of Grace & Courtesy


2016-17 was the Year of Going Out


2015-16 was the Year of Science


2014-15 was the Year of the Student

2013-14 was the Year of the Question

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