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Covid Plan

Covid-19 Guidebook

Welcome to this new adaptation of Montessori education, when activated by a world pandemic, we are called to innovate and return to the roots of our Montessori method. The guidebook linked below is a consolidation of many developing resources. It is meant to support us in following state guidelines and adapting to these conditions while continuing to offer adults and children a safe and vibrant Montessori learning experience.


This guide presumes that there may be times when we could be called to work remotely and within the prepared environment of the school. Therefore, it details essential considerations without compromising our method while continuing to value and support all members of our community.


We ask you to take the time to familiarize yourself with the important information contained in this guide. From what we learned already, we know the healthier we keep our community, the more days we will have in the prepared environment of the classroom. 

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