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Campus Committee

We want our school to look beautiful. You can help!

A lot of thought and effort goes into the aesthetics of the Montessori classroom. Dr. Montessori’s belief was that the classroom shouldn’t look like a classroom at all. It should resemble the drawing room of a great house, a warm, inviting, comfortable, and beautiful place to work and learn. Of course, that also extends to the outside of our school, where our children spend lots of time. We've done a lot of great work - but we still have lots of room for improvement.

To accomplish this, we've formed a "Campus Committee." If you are interested in joining        (or have questions), please email

The purpose of the Campus Committee is to oversee and make improvements to the school’s landscaped areas and surroundings by enhancing the beauty and overall aesthetics of the school’s campus so it looks beautiful, inviting, and well-maintained. Beautiful grounds help to promote pride in our children and enjoyment for not only our school community, but for the extended community as well. 

Potential Duties: 

  • Research projects and make recommendations for improvements to the Head of School for consideration and approval. Improvements could include landscaping, tree planting, adding flower beds or pots, as well as making suggestions regarding signage and building repairs.

  • Ornament the school with tasteful and simple seasonal decorations (such as a fall wreath for the door - or other creative ideas :-).

  • Assist with grounds maintenance & organize clean fall/spring cleanups, which would include weeding, pruning, watering, replacing mulch, planting bulbs, raking, and sweeping.

There is already a committee formed for the Children's House - and they are off to a great start with lots of parents involved!
If you are interested in helping there, please contact Carrie (

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