Welcome to Our New Home

"Here we Grow Again!"

Island Montessori Preschool & Kindergarten is moving up the road in the fall of 2017

to join Island Montessori Charter School at 6339 Carolina Beach Road.

It's always been Island Montessori's dream to have its Preschool & Kindergarten "Children's House" on the same campus as its Charter Elementary & Middle School. This spring, we acquired the 3+ acre parcel adjacent to our Elementary & Middle School and we've broken ground on our new "Children's House" Preschool & Kindergarten building. Our new combined campus will make our Preschool & Kindergarten even stronger.

Carolina Beach Road is to the left and Golden Road is at the bottom. This is an older photo, but the large yellow triangle in the middle is Island Montessori's Elementary & Middle School Campus. The black box at bottom center is the site of the new "Children's House" Preschool & Kindergarten. We also acquired the orange-shaded area to the right, and some day soon, we hope to turn it and the green-lined area into an outdoor education area. The bottom left rectangle is the site of the convenience store under construction.

Here is the preliminary site plan. It fits roughly in the black box in the above site photograph. You can see the building towards the top left corner. The road at the bottom of this drawing is Golden Road. Just beyond the top middle of this plan is the Charter School's Upper Elementary cottage.

Here's the preliminary blueprint of our new building. We'll have 3 classrooms, which are larger than our current classrooms, and each is on a corner to maximize windows & natural light.